Real Talk: {When Flesh is Failing}

Celiac disease.

Casein allergy.

Hashimoto’s disease.

And for those of you who are not incredibly familiar with the medical terms let me break this down for you:

No gluten for the rest of my life (think traditional bread, pasta, beer, almost all baked goods, chips, sauces, marinades and everything else that tastes good)

Allergic to the protein in dairy (nope…not lactose intolerant.  This is the kind of allergy that even when items are toted as “lactose free” I still can’t have them)

My immune system is attacking my thyroid (just a regular day in my body hating itself apparently…)

Let’s not also forget the endless diagnostic testing, doctors visits, hormone imbalances, vitamin deficiencies, ultrasounds, blood work, supplements, endless label reading and menu-scouting amidst the shock. The first three sentences of this post and all the “fun” that has come with it has really been the reason I’ve been MIA lately.  The last two months have SUCKED.  Really, truly.  They have been hard and sad and beyond frustrating…

I had my first indication that the word “celiac” may enter my universe in early November after a routine doctor’s visit turned into several more doctors visits and an initial diagnosis.  The lab results I received kick-started my own little cycle of grief and in perfect Devin fashion it was filled with all the emotions and hatred of not being in control.  Honestly I think I skipped right over denial and went straight to being PISSED (might also have been attributed to the fact that I got in a car accident 30 minutes before I got the test results…it’s fine).  I said a lot of things that night while I was crying my eyes out that I’m pretty sure God’s going to replay on judgment day and then roll His eyes and say, “You better count your lucky stars I love the crap out of you” and then laugh with me as I go skipping through the gates.

I was heartbroken about the whole thing, about everything it meant for my life and the chaos it would bring into the daily and once mundane task of eating.  A task I had to perform daily…and not even daily MULTIPLE times daily just became a obstacle course.  All of these thoughts and feelings led me down the path of literal denial, complete and utter denial.  I had my mini-meltdown and then I lived in glutened-bliss for the next two months.  I read article after article about celiac and its symptoms and informed everyone (mostly myself) in my path that I had NONE of these issues and proceeded to eat pumpkin pie to my heart’s delight.  I wasn’t about about to let some pseudo-diagnosis ruin my holiday fare! Continue reading

{Bybel Abode}


The Bybel Abode has been ours for 8 days.

We had 25 friends show up and help us move, have taken 20+ trips to Home Depot, deconstructed and rebuilt 1 pantry, had 2 contractors out to visit, 2 bedrooms washed and ready for paint, 1 bedroom primed, 1000 boxes to still unpack, installed 6 rolls of shelving foam to cover our nasty kitchen shelves, had 1 stress-induced migraine, taken down 8 window fixtures and doors, drawn 2 floor plans and consumed 1 bottle of wine and a cigar while enjoying our new backyard.  And that’s the just the stuff I can remember right now.

Pics coming soon.

Happy home improvement, friends!

Date Day: {Coffee House Cafe, Dallas World Aquarium & Taco Ocho}

Aren’t 3-day weekends just the best?
They make me feel like I can actually relax and just enough the day rather than trying to cram in all the chores and errands to make the week less hectic.

Memorial Day came in just the nick of time – the weekends have seemed endlessly packed and time to explore and eat and do the things we love has been lacking.  So, we committed Saturday of this long weekend to fun – fun in new brunch locales, with sea creatures and topping it off with some delicious tacos!


{Coffee House Cafe} was a life changer.  Why it’s only 10 minutes from our house and why we hadn’t been there in the two years of living in it’s proximity?  I’ll never forgive myself.


The Signature House Latte was a perfect start to a feast filled with rancheros and benedicts.


Our stuffed bellies made the drive to the {Dallas World Aquarium} late in the morning to avoid the crowds and strollers that were inevitably going to take over the place by noon. Continue reading

Orlando Vacation: {Day 4 – Hollywood Studios}

By day four of a non-stop, on your feet, crowd crazy vacation all I wanted to do is stop and sit.
I could have gotten on the plane first thing in the morning but the overly priced Disney tickets had already been bought and couldn’t go to waste.  Lucky for us Hollywood Studios was the perfect recipe for the leaden leg and end of vacation blues.

I knew there were only about 3-4 rides worth taking the time for this park, so I had sneakily planned this park for the last day of our trip for the following reasons:
1.) There’s less to do and we had a plane that was taking off in the late afternoon
2.) Tons of shows to sit at
3.) Smaller park = less walking
4.) It’s just not as magical as the other parks.  There, I said it.  Not as magical and no shame about it.

IMG_1862 Continue reading

Orlando Vacation: {Day 3 – Epcot}


It had set in but regardless of heavy eyes and leaden legs we were at Epcot before the gates opened standing it throngs of sleepy kids and cranky parents.  We were there when the grand announcement was made and confetti bombs went off exactly at 8:00am for one reason only – Soarin’.

I had stood in line for 2 hours for Soarin’ before.  While it’s an awesome ride, I’d be a sucker if I fell for that mess again.  It was #1 on the list of things to do that day and I had every intention of marking it off before 8:10am.

We sprinted past the GGB (Giant Golf Ball [not the official name]) and made it straight into the front row for the first round of Soarin’ spectators that day.  Victory is mine!  And as we walked off the ride we heard a passerby remark that they were already out of Fast Passes for the entire day.  VICTORY IS MINE AGAIN!
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