{Bybel Abode: Progress}


It’s been a whirlwind three weeks.  We bought a house that needed some work and we knew it.  What we didn’t expect was the break your back, on your hands-and-knees sanitation that needed to take place to even live comfortably.

This place is old and was vacant for almost 10 months, so needless to say there’s a lot of bugs, dust, grime, grit, grossness and general dirtiness.  Being comfortable in my new home requires a lot more work than touching up paint and hanging art.  And my favorite purchase thus far has been a pair of yellow rubber gloves and a package of work clothes from the Home Depot.

We’ve made a lot of progress in 22 days.  Some fun, some necessary and all without marital strife (although the comment, “We’re about to have some serious conflict…” has been tossed out in the world once).  Friends and family have continued to bless us with much needed assistance and celebrations of progress.  We’re super grateful and humbled and loving seeing our house become a home at the hands of those we love most.

And now that I’ve finished writing my mushy-gushy note, we’ll share some of the progress! Continue reading



My co-worker and I had some time to leave the office in Albany, NY today, and we had a promising recommendation from the management here.  Sushi and hibachi?  {Koto Japanese Restaurant} seemed like a stellar idea to me!

yays: Koi pond inside the restaurant (with a bridge over it…adorable)!
Incredible lunch special prices (inclusive of hibachi and Bento boxes).
Fab food.
nays: Service was a schmidge disappointing.
I couldn’t try one of their many delicious looking cocktails. <— boo workdays!


PS – Pete and I will be in the Boston area next week for a weekend away.  Anyone have restaurant recommendations?

{Plum Blossom}


This week I made the trek to Albany, NY for work.  I’ll be here for two weeks in a row, and I was here two weeks last year, so I figured it was time to try something new.  Some Googling and a 15-minute drive later, I ended up in Troy, NY for the highly recommended Plum Blossom Chinese Restaurant.  Table for one, please! Continue reading


I travel pretty much every week for work.  Usually I’m sent to the cold and seafood-ridden state of New Hampshire, but this week I got the tropical pleasure of flying to Orlando!

And it just so happens that one of my college roommates used to work for Disney and at her current job she has some Mickey Mouse perks!  So, Monday night after traveling/working, we set off to have dinner in Epcot!


yays: it pretty much rules to say, “We had dinner in Mexico, beer in Germany, and wine in Italy.”  Thus making Epcot…the bomb!  Next time you’re there, check out {Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar} to escape the heat, screaming children, and crowds.
nays: I mean, is there ever anything wrong with being at Disney ever?  I LOVE DISNEY!