{Club W}


If you haven’t picked up on it already, we kinda like wine.
And apparently I’ve been getting into shipped subscriptions?  I dunno – they’re convenient and easy!  Don’t judge me.
So when I read about {Club W} and the fact that they deliver wine to your DOORSTEP it was an obvious “duh!” moment.

The run down is this – you buy a minimum of 3 bottles every 1 month for only $13 per bottle.  Then they ship them to your place.  boom.
How do they know what to send you, you ask?  Well, you fill a short Palette Profile (with simple, non-wine term questions) and then indicate what you’d like your white/red breakdown to be every month (we do 2 red/1 white in our house). Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: {Windsor, CA – Part I}


In August my grandparents celebrated their 60th anniversary.  Sixty years, y’all.  Intense and impressive.

They have spent the vast majority of their marriage in California so it seemed only fitting to enjoy the family’s company, great food, delicious wine and warm summer breeze in their home state.
And in the great spirit of celebration…we spent a week in northern Wine Country.  Heck. yes!

It seemed only fitting that Pete and I dedicate an entire day to wine.  That we did!

03-IMG_2007_3655 Continue reading

{Arche Winery}

Things you’ll never hear in Texas: “Have you tried this fab Texas wine?”
“Wines ARE bigger in Texas.”
“Europe and Cali wines ain’t got nuthin’ on the Lone Star State!”
“Man, these TX wines really hit the spot.”

Never, ever, ever, never.
Seriously, they’re that bad.  So, when I had a co-worker recommend a {Arche} in North Texas, I thought it had to be a joke.
But with California and Europe being too terribly far away, I thought I’d give it a shot for Pete’s 25th birthday extravaganza!


Arriving way ahead of schedule, we enjoyed a tasting and cheese plate under the art of their Yellow Rose wine.
While the wine wasn’t completely mindblowing, it was pleasant and drinkable (seriously a win for a wine from the South).  We were intrigued but had no idea what was coming! Continue reading

{July 4th Weekend}

Holy smokes!  Where has July gone?  Is August seriously in 2 days?
time flies when you’re an adult…and having fun.

Before July escapes me, Fourth of July must be addressed.
It was a classic July 4th weekend: freedom, fireworks, food, and family.
And a fabtastic day trip.

Peter, my sister and I hit to road to my in-law’s house down south.
The evening was spent at Peter’s uncle and aunt’s house, lounging in the pool, eating amazing Peruvian-inspired grilled goodness, watching fireworks from the backyard, capturing does run daintily across the golf course greens, and outdoor laughs.

The next day had tons in store, so we went home in enough time to sleep and then all pile into the Suburban.

The excursion landed us first in {Luckenbach, TX}…

IMG_1110[1]     IMG_1111[1]
Made famous by Willie Nelson’s song, this plot of land housed a few buildings, BBQ and cherry limeades, cold beer, live music, tons of Harleys, picnic tables, and a man riding a longhorn on a saddle.  It was small-town Texas charm through and through. Continue reading

Day Away: {College Station}

It was an exciting day for an Aggie family.
My brother-in-law was officially getting his Aggie Ring!  And while we couldn’t be there for his picking up the ring, there wasn’t a chance we were going to miss his dunk.

Pete I headed down to College Station yesterday afternoon with no plans between our arrival and the late night dunk.  So when my father-in-law suggested start the afternoon at a winery, I ’bout jumped for joy!


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