{Double Date: Greenville Ave.}

New York/New Jersey, Dallas, Seattle, Dallas, Boston, Dallas.
Annnnnd done.
It’s been 3 weeks of marathon travel.  Some for fun, some for work – regardless Pete and I have been missing our home and our friends, so it seemed only fitting to get out of house on Friday and let someone else pay for our A/C for the night.

We met up with our friends Angela & Bryan to enjoy some time exploring the ever-growing Lower Greenville to enjoy some grub and drinks.


{HG Supply Co.} provided real (and delicious) food with a beet-infused tequila cocktail.  Oh, and there was a “sunset toast” for the whole restaurant at 6:30pm.  Don’t miss it…it was awesome.

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{The Blind Butcher}

We saw, we ate and…there was a lot to be desired.
{The Blind Butcher} has been one of “those” places on the media circuit lately.  Cool, located in the always hip Lower Greenville, crawling with good looking people, craft beer and specializing in one culinary sphere or another.  (In this case it’s pork and poutine fries).

With the endless articles and reviews popping up all over the interwebs, I thought we were in for the experience of a pig-eating lifetime.  By the time the check came, all this little piggie wanted to do was go freakin’ home.

We arrived at 5:00pm for an early dinner hoping to beat the crowd and instead found a packed house with not a seat in sight.  I wiggled my way to the back patio where the endless supply of single, 20-somethings were drinking local beers and tending to their dogs.  I quickly spotted a table and thought we’d get to enjoy dinner outside…quick catch – no eating on the patio until next month.  Other patios – 1, Blind Butcher – 0.

We enjoyed the relatively quiet patio that backs into Dallas’ {Truck Yard} while waiting for our friends to arrive.  Before the half hour ended we were alerted by text that our table was ready inside.  And that’s pretty much where the fun ended.

You don’t really realize until you’re sitting in the restaurant in the middle of the day and can’t read the menu that the building may be better suited for vampires than dinner.  That coupled with the deafening echo of the restaurant-goers’ lively drunken conversation and single, 20-something flirting made this probably the worst sensory experience I’ve ever had during a dining venture.

The spotty service and outdated drink menus made for a semi-frustrating ordering experience.  All that coupled with the fact that I had to yell at my fellow dinner guests to try to have conversation made me sing endless praises when the food made it to our table much faster than anticipated.  With a spread of bacon salad, sausage and the much-raved about poutine fries in front of our faces, we dug in…only to wonder what everyone had been raving about.

The food was…fine?  Yeah, I think “fine” is the right word.  Certainly not worth the jarring atmosphere and lofty bill.
I mean, we took our leftovers with us but through them in the dumpster when we got home.  The smell wasn’t even appealing at that point and had us scratching our heads about how this could be deemed one of Lower Greenville’s “must eat” treats.

I think next time we’ll stay kosher for dinner.


{Probably the Best Day of My Life…Ever}

Please excuse me while I cry overwhelming tears of radiant joy.

There are only a few days in one’s life that impacts a person so profoundly you can feel the trajectory of one’s life change.  A few examples I can think of:
– Graduating college
– Getting your first job
– Marriage
– Children
– Retirement

And that’s all I have time for because I’m literally stuffing my face with Creamy Jalapeño dressing, free queso and overall the best Tex-Mex ever to grace this planet.

You can find the Bybels at the new Chuy’s in Addison every night for the rest of eternity.

See you at the happy hour nacho bar, friends!