{Paint Nite}

On the list of “100 Things Devin is Not” – artist is about #3.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of being an artist.  But getting the ideas into real life has been a risk not worth taking time-and-time again.

So when we got an awesome {Groupon} from my parents for our first anniversary, I was both totally pumped and secretly dreading my perfectionism rearing its ugly head in my pre-conceived art disaster.
Then I found out it was at a restaurant with margaritas and suddenly Perfectionism was wearing a sombrero and not giving a lick ’bout nothing. Continue reading

{On the Docket: December}

Somehow it’s already 18 days until Christmas.  18 days, people!

While I look forward to Christmas every single year, I’m still learning how to navigate this season as an adult.  Balancing the parties, family visits, gift buying/budgeting, decorating, writing Christmas cards and still remembering why we celebrate can become overwhelming and daunting for me.  Every weekend packed with events comes with a certain degree of anxiety and stress rather than pure fun and celebration.

As Pete and I have made commitments this December we’ve made decisions that will eliminate a lot of the stress and leave more room for joy.  Our general rules are these:
1.) Leave 2-3 nights/week free.
2.) Make room for quality time.
a.ka.: Don’t overbook and still date your spouse.

Hopefully these rules will also leave time for new traditions this year – reading through the Christmas story throughout the month, serving those in our community and making homemade gifts.

And now that you’ve managed to read through my yearly adulthood Christmas crisis, I welcome you to the events we are 100% joyful & pumped about this month.

{Walls Family Farm}
580589_409404055750028_729535766_nThe perfect family-friendly place to cut down your own Christmas tree!  [Post coming soon!] Continue reading