{Touch Massage Therapy: A Couples Massage Class}

With only 10 days remaining until Christmas, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume that some of y’all are scrambling for those last minute Christmas gift ideas.  And although I’m basking in the warm glow of my final “Order Submitted” webpage for my own holiday shopping, I thought I’d throw the faint-at-heart, shopping-weary, “what in the heck do I do?!” gift-buying couples of the world an inexpensive and sure-to-please bone.

Men, I’m looking at you!
Take this page out of the Peter-planning handbook.  Do it.  Don’t ask questions.  No regrets.

Fourscore and a few months ago, my lovely and thoughtful husband called me whilst I was walking the cold streets of New Hampshire, “Hey, babe!  I found this Groupon for a couples massage class.  Wanna try it out?”

Me: “Uhhh, sure?  Guess it doesn’t hurt to try.”

Well we finally had the time to try it out this weekend.  And it. was. AWESOME!

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Anniversary Trip: {Arkansas – The Finale}

Part III Recap: Day of relaxation begins with delicious breakfast and a walk through pretty gardens.  Things may be looking up!

*Sigh of relief*

“This day isn’t starting off too bad at all,” you think to yourself.
You and Pete are now driving towards {Quapaw Bathhouse} for some steaming and bathing.


Your trip starts off with a 20-minute sit in a natural steam cave.  Water comes into this natural cave at 147 degrees.  They have to cover the spring with glass to lower the temperature in the cave.  It’s pretty legit and you would recommend it to friends.
Next you go and sit in the thermal baths.  It’s like a community hot tub with varying temperatures.  It feels rather cold and unfulfilling after the peppermint-scented steam.

You and Pete decide to bounce early and go find some ice cream before your massage and facials.
Pete insists the ice cream is up the street to the left, you insist it’s down to the right.  Neither of you win and neither of you get ice cream.  Fail. Continue reading