Anniversary Trip: {Arkansas – Part II}

Part I Recap: Walk in 100 degree heat to distillery, drive to Hot Springs (it ain’t so hot), love B&B, and running out to grab lunch…


When you get here there’s one tiny parking spot in front of the dilapidated building.  One booth is available by the front door and your 60-something waitress wearing blue eyeshadow with her fire-red hair comes to take your order.  This happens just as you read the sign on the wall that says CASH ONLY.

Your sweet husband (it’s a theme) asks where the nearest ATM is.  “Half mile down dat way,” she says.  And off he goes.  On foot. Continue reading



My co-worker and I had some time to leave the office in Albany, NY today, and we had a promising recommendation from the management here.  Sushi and hibachi?  {Koto Japanese Restaurant} seemed like a stellar idea to me!

yays: Koi pond inside the restaurant (with a bridge over it…adorable)!
Incredible lunch special prices (inclusive of hibachi and Bento boxes).
Fab food.
nays: Service was a schmidge disappointing.
I couldn’t try one of their many delicious looking cocktails. <— boo workdays!


PS – Pete and I will be in the Boston area next week for a weekend away.  Anyone have restaurant recommendations?