{Anniversary Shoot by Cottonwood Road Photography}

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The second year has come and gone.  How has everything passed so quickly?

There are days that I think, “Already two years?” and others where I wonder how it hasn’t been longer.
Marriage has been great and more work than I could ever have imagined.  But I am grateful for the way that is has refined and challenged me.

Before Pete and I got married we said that we wanted to memorialize each year of our marriage with an anniversary shoot.
We’ll be closing a chapter of our life together before the end of the year.  Hopefully moving on from our first home together and on to new horizons.  But before things changed we wanted to capture our life together as it has been.

We are so grateful to do life with our sweet friend Hannah at {Cottonwood Road Photography}.  She radiates and captures light in the best of ways and blessed us immensely with our lifestyle shoot.  Below are just a few of our favorites. Continue reading

DIY: {Family & Meal Planning Calendars}

Ohhh, {Pinterest}.
I don’t think there’s much else in life that can simultaneously inspire you and make you feel terribly defeated/inadequate and overall hate your life.
So many things to do and try…so very. little. time!

Well, shock of all shocks, sometime between working long days, traveling, a wedding, repainting/decorating both bedrooms, actually getting some QT [quality time] with the hubs, and cooking (all between Friday and Sunday, I might add)…I crafted.
Que the angelic chorus!

The inspiration?
Que the 2nd angelic chorus!

IMG_1292[1]It all started with some inspiration from {this} and {that}… Continue reading