{Farmhouse Table}

IMG_1375[1]My aunt and uncle were incredibly generous and gifted us with a gorgeous 3-person glass table when we first got married.  It was an absolutely huge blessing and saved us the stress of trying to find and finance a dining room set right after the wedding.  It served us/food well and was a constant reminder of the generosity of others.

Fast forward a year and a half post-wedding and the Bybels are stuck.  We love food, people and entertaining – all of which are great things but hard to do at a small table.
Desperate to host lavish dinner parties, board game tournaments and some friendly hands of cards we started exploring the table “market.”

{Issues at Hand?}
1.) The lovely farmhouse-style tables we desire are EXPENSIVE.  Not cool.
2.) We have to haul this up a flight of stairs and fit it through the door at the apartment.  Sounds heavy and annoying.
3.) Family has a pending visit and we want to be able to all sit around the same space.  Time crunch. Continue reading

DIY: {Family & Meal Planning Calendars}

Ohhh, {Pinterest}.
I don’t think there’s much else in life that can simultaneously inspire you and make you feel terribly defeated/inadequate and overall hate your life.
So many things to do and try…so very. little. time!

Well, shock of all shocks, sometime between working long days, traveling, a wedding, repainting/decorating both bedrooms, actually getting some QT [quality time] with the hubs, and cooking (all between Friday and Sunday, I might add)…I crafted.
Que the angelic chorus!

The inspiration?
Que the 2nd angelic chorus!

IMG_1292[1]It all started with some inspiration from {this} and {that}… Continue reading