Orlando Vacation: {Day 3 – Epcot}


It had set in but regardless of heavy eyes and leaden legs we were at Epcot before the gates opened standing it throngs of sleepy kids and cranky parents.  We were there when the grand announcement was made and confetti bombs went off exactly at 8:00am for one reason only – Soarin’.

I had stood in line for 2 hours for Soarin’ before.  While it’s an awesome ride, I’d be a sucker if I fell for that mess again.  It was #1 on the list of things to do that day and I had every intention of marking it off before 8:10am.

We sprinted past the GGB (Giant Golf Ball [not the official name]) and made it straight into the front row for the first round of Soarin’ spectators that day.  Victory is mine!  And as we walked off the ride we heard a passerby remark that they were already out of Fast Passes for the entire day.  VICTORY IS MINE AGAIN!
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I travel pretty much every week for work.  Usually I’m sent to the cold and seafood-ridden state of New Hampshire, but this week I got the tropical pleasure of flying to Orlando!

And it just so happens that one of my college roommates used to work for Disney and at her current job she has some Mickey Mouse perks!  So, Monday night after traveling/working, we set off to have dinner in Epcot!


yays: it pretty much rules to say, “We had dinner in Mexico, beer in Germany, and wine in Italy.”  Thus making Epcot…the bomb!  Next time you’re there, check out {Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar} to escape the heat, screaming children, and crowds.
nays: I mean, is there ever anything wrong with being at Disney ever?  I LOVE DISNEY!