{Bybel Abode: Progress}


It’s been a whirlwind three weeks.  We bought a house that needed some work and we knew it.  What we didn’t expect was the break your back, on your hands-and-knees sanitation that needed to take place to even live comfortably.

This place is old and was vacant for almost 10 months, so needless to say there’s a lot of bugs, dust, grime, grit, grossness and general dirtiness.  Being comfortable in my new home requires a lot more work than touching up paint and hanging art.  And my favorite purchase thus far has been a pair of yellow rubber gloves and a package of work clothes from the Home Depot.

We’ve made a lot of progress in 22 days.  Some fun, some necessary and all without marital strife (although the comment, “We’re about to have some serious conflict…” has been tossed out in the world once).  Friends and family have continued to bless us with much needed assistance and celebrations of progress.  We’re super grateful and humbled and loving seeing our house become a home at the hands of those we love most.

And now that I’ve finished writing my mushy-gushy note, we’ll share some of the progress! Continue reading

{Bybel Abode}


The Bybel Abode has been ours for 8 days.

We had 25 friends show up and help us move, have taken 20+ trips to Home Depot, deconstructed and rebuilt 1 pantry, had 2 contractors out to visit, 2 bedrooms washed and ready for paint, 1 bedroom primed, 1000 boxes to still unpack, installed 6 rolls of shelving foam to cover our nasty kitchen shelves, had 1 stress-induced migraine, taken down 8 window fixtures and doors, drawn 2 floor plans and consumed 1 bottle of wine and a cigar while enjoying our new backyard.  And that’s the just the stuff I can remember right now.

Pics coming soon.

Happy home improvement, friends!

{DIY Tufted Headboard}

DIY – AKA: 100 Hours of Hating My Life; Reasons I Don’t Craft and This Was Supposed to be Fun…But Now I Want to Punch You

It’s SO anti-blog of me admitting that I hate crafting/DIYing.  Every two years I’m like, “Oh, maybe I’ll give this a go again,” and thirty minutes into it I’m poking my eyes out with the zig zag scissors.

I guess my  insane two year cycle caught up with me again.


Thoughts in my head at the time: “Oh, this is so cute!  I’ll never be able to find that color in the stores.  We’ve been in DESPERATE need of a headboard, this’ll be the way cheaper option.”

Joke’s on you, Dev. Continue reading

{On the Docket: December}

Somehow it’s already 18 days until Christmas.  18 days, people!

While I look forward to Christmas every single year, I’m still learning how to navigate this season as an adult.  Balancing the parties, family visits, gift buying/budgeting, decorating, writing Christmas cards and still remembering why we celebrate can become overwhelming and daunting for me.  Every weekend packed with events comes with a certain degree of anxiety and stress rather than pure fun and celebration.

As Pete and I have made commitments this December we’ve made decisions that will eliminate a lot of the stress and leave more room for joy.  Our general rules are these:
1.) Leave 2-3 nights/week free.
2.) Make room for quality time.
a.ka.: Don’t overbook and still date your spouse.

Hopefully these rules will also leave time for new traditions this year – reading through the Christmas story throughout the month, serving those in our community and making homemade gifts.

And now that you’ve managed to read through my yearly adulthood Christmas crisis, I welcome you to the events we are 100% joyful & pumped about this month.

{Walls Family Farm}
580589_409404055750028_729535766_nThe perfect family-friendly place to cut down your own Christmas tree!  [Post coming soon!] Continue reading