{The Bybel’s Favorite Things: Christmas Shopping Guide 2014}

CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve successfully survived Thanksgiving and Black Friday!
Hopefully today you’re resting, spending time with family and enjoying leftover turkey sammies.
But more than likely you’re running around, decorating the house, wrapping presents and coming up with gift ideas for family & friends for 2014.

While you’re making those lists and checkin’ ’em twice, we thought we’d help you out with a few ideas.  Take a look at some of our favorite things and get some ideas on gifting for this season!

{Stitch Fix}

What: Online personal stylist who will send clothes to your doorstep!
The Ladies (age: young adult +)
$$$: $20+ (go as low as $20 to cover the Fix styling fee over even more to cover the cost of the clothing items!) Continue reading

{Stitch Fix #3}

More clothes in the mail!  Ah-booyah!

You may remember my prior Fixes from {September} and {August} and you may recall how awesome the service is – but if case you forgot here’s the 5-second rundown:

Style Profile > Personal Stylist > Arrives on Doorstep > Keep What You Want/Send Back What You Don’t

It was time for my bi-monthly {Fix} and I asked this time for some pieces that would work for fall since it arrived on schedule this year in Texas!  I (as per usual) lost all patience and jumped online when I received the “Your Fix is Shipped!” e-mail and looked up everything early.  I was intrigued because a few items had little to no photos so I felt like I was getting awesome/unique pieces from this {Fix}!

Tart – Eldina Colorblocked Sweater


I was pumped about this sweater!  It was warm, SO SO SO soft and easily adaptable for work or fun.  It would have been an absolute keep except for the $128 price tag (which seemed to be a trend this time ’round). Continue reading

{Touch Massage Therapy: A Couples Massage Class}

With only 10 days remaining until Christmas, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume that some of y’all are scrambling for those last minute Christmas gift ideas.  And although I’m basking in the warm glow of my final “Order Submitted” webpage for my own holiday shopping, I thought I’d throw the faint-at-heart, shopping-weary, “what in the heck do I do?!” gift-buying couples of the world an inexpensive and sure-to-please bone.

Men, I’m looking at you!
Take this page out of the Peter-planning handbook.  Do it.  Don’t ask questions.  No regrets.

Fourscore and a few months ago, my lovely and thoughtful husband called me whilst I was walking the cold streets of New Hampshire, “Hey, babe!  I found this Groupon for a couples massage class.  Wanna try it out?”

Me: “Uhhh, sure?  Guess it doesn’t hurt to try.”

Well we finally had the time to try it out this weekend.  And it. was. AWESOME!

Continue reading