This last Friday was kind of a drag.
Let me lay it out for you: no direct flights, 1st flight delayed, run through Philly airport, sweaty entrance onto flight, checking of the carry-on bag, no TV on long flight, been sick for the last 4 days = not a happy Devin.

So, when I finally had my feet on the ground in Dallas and my sweet husband says, “I have a surprise date idea for tonight!” my snot-stuffed brain said, “Ummmm…no.”
But I convinced myself once I ate enough jalapeño ranch and queso at Chuy’s I’d be good to go.


You read that right.  While the rest of the 20-somethings in Dallas were hitting up Uptown and downtown, my friends and I went to {East Plano Bingo}.


yays: not a shady bingo hall.  The caller has an absolutely stellar voice.  Cheap!
nays: not a shady bingo hall (aka – alcohol and smoke free facility).  No winning. 😦

The next time you’re feeling 80-something, I’d definitely recommend a solid night of bingo.  You can choose your own shady-ness level.