Date Day: {Coffee House Cafe, Dallas World Aquarium & Taco Ocho}

Aren’t 3-day weekends just the best?
They make me feel like I can actually relax and just enough the day rather than trying to cram in all the chores and errands to make the week less hectic.

Memorial Day came in just the nick of time – the weekends have seemed endlessly packed and time to explore and eat and do the things we love has been lacking.  So, we committed Saturday of this long weekend to fun – fun in new brunch locales, with sea creatures and topping it off with some delicious tacos!


{Coffee House Cafe} was a life changer.  Why it’s only 10 minutes from our house and why we hadn’t been there in the two years of living in it’s proximity?  I’ll never forgive myself.


The Signature House Latte was a perfect start to a feast filled with rancheros and benedicts.


Our stuffed bellies made the drive to the {Dallas World Aquarium} late in the morning to avoid the crowds and strollers that were inevitably going to take over the place by noon. Continue reading

{Probably the Best Day of My Life…Ever}

Please excuse me while I cry overwhelming tears of radiant joy.

There are only a few days in one’s life that impacts a person so profoundly you can feel the trajectory of one’s life change.  A few examples I can think of:
– Graduating college
– Getting your first job
– Marriage
– Children
– Retirement

And that’s all I have time for because I’m literally stuffing my face with Creamy Jalapeño dressing, free queso and overall the best Tex-Mex ever to grace this planet.

You can find the Bybels at the new Chuy’s in Addison every night for the rest of eternity.

See you at the happy hour nacho bar, friends!

{Date Day}

Before I started traveling, Pete and I used to have weekly date nights.

The control freak in me thought it was more important to have the house in order and laundry done before I left again on Monday.
-127 wife points for Devin.

So, after a lot of discussion, dates were re-instated!

Once a month = Date Day
Every week = Date

Cue curtain…Saturday Date Day!

[The Board]

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