Music Monday: {Mariachi El Bronx}

Some summer goodness for y’all on this lovely 4-day week!
Pete and I had the pleasure of watching Dave Matthews Band perform a couple weekends (my 4th time seeing him live).  One of the many things I love about Dave is he picks these obscure/not-so-popular bands to open for him.
And he always comes out and introduces them.  Which is awesome.  But that’s neither here nor there.

Ladies & gentleman… {Mariachi El Bronx}!

yays: Fun, funky, mariachi, perfect for a summer fajita grill-out jams.
nays: Put it on shuffle.  My un-mariachi’d ears think it all starts to sound the same by song 3.  Put it on a playlist with some other stellar summer tunes.


{Ryan Lochte Meets Fox News}

Let’s be honest, this week has been a total drag.
And for someone who travels to Boston almost every single week and lives in Texas, it’s been especially rough.

Pete and I been glued to the news and all of its gory details, and I think we were both in need of a laugh.  Who would have thought the news would be the one to provide it?

Ladies and gentleman…I bring you: Ryan Lochte.

yays: Ohhh, you’re just going to have to watch.
nays: Poor Ryan…