{The Unknown Known}

Interested in American politics?  Love a good potential conspiracy theory?  Like documentaries?
You’re in good company at the Bybel house!

Last Friday, Pete and I rented The Unknown Known and kinda flipped out a bit.  Both thrilling and totally disturbing it’s a must-see documentary that should be watched immediately.  Good news – it can be rented on iTunes for $6.99.

There are unknown knowns, friends.


Pete and I had an all too rare date night last week (more to come).

But before we get to that and it’s too late for y’all to catch the movie, we recommend finding your local theater, grabbing a bag of popcorn, wrangling your significant other and enjoying this gem.

yays: It’s like a French “My Fair Lady” with a heroine who possesses an Elizabeth Bennet-esque attitude and a clumsy/quirky charm.  Need I say more?
nays: French-style sexy-time scene.  Keep the kiddos at home, folks.