{Stitch Fix #1}


IT FINALLY HAPPENED.  My first ever {Stitch Fix} arrived!

Don’t know what {Stitch Fix} is?  Here’s the 5-step rundown!

1.) Create a personal Style Profile.  I’m talking preferred style trends, measurements, ability to comment on what you like to keep covered up (broad, man shoulders for me!) and even copy the link to your personal Pinterest style board.  You can even leave comments about what type of items you’d like to see in your Fix.
2.) Schedule your first Fix.  There is a $20 styling fee for a stylist to review your Profile and pick you clothes, jewelry and accessories!  You can also arrange fixes to be shipped automatically or schedule them as you feel.
3.) Wait (im)patiently!
4.) That sucker arrives on your doorstep.  Yes, your doorstep.  No malls, no crowds, no children popping out of clothing racks at the department store while their mother isn’t paying any attention.  #winning
5.) Try ’em on!  Pick what you like, send back what you don’t in a pre-paid envelope.  The $20 fee will apply to your purchases (but will be lost if you don’t buy anything).  You even get 25% off if you purchase all 5 items!

You bought in yet?


I thought I’d give it a go since fashion is super intimidating to me.  I mean REALLY intimidating.  I tend to just buy shirts at Target and wear them with a pair of jeans.  But, I’m growing up and growing in my profession and figure it wouldn’t hurt to dress the part.

So when my first Stitch Fix arrived last week I was pretty PUMPED!
And when I opened the box…I was seriously underwhelmed.  We’ll get to that later.

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{Happy Thanksgiving!}

Today I’m thankful for:

– cool weather
– the opportunity to host our first Thanksgiving
– the folks that work at all the places I’ve had to shop in the last 2 days (and today)
– my family near and far
– my grandmother’s china
– naturally raised turkey that’s perfect for our first turkey/brining attempt
– grace
– our new {table}
– Disney vacations
– my loving, forgiving and ever gracious husband

What are y’all thankful for, friends?


{Betsy’s Quilt Garden}

I’ve been blessed to grow up in an extremely creative family.  My extended family includes but is not limited to: authors, artists, quilters, photographers, seamstresses, designers, sound/production engineers, and musicians.

My mother is no exception.  Throughout my childhood she created Halloween costumes that out-shined my peers’ polyester alternatives, winter coats that rivaled American Girl dolls, alterations to feed my teenage, clothes obsessed but on-a-budget shopping sprees, a custom made quilt for my freshman-year dorm, and even my wedding dress. Continue reading