{Arche Winery}

Things you’ll never hear in Texas: “Have you tried this fab Texas wine?”
“Wines ARE bigger in Texas.”
“Europe and Cali wines ain’t got nuthin’ on the Lone Star State!”
“Man, these TX wines really hit the spot.”

Never, ever, ever, never.
Seriously, they’re that bad.  So, when I had a co-worker recommend a {Arche} in North Texas, I thought it had to be a joke.
But with California and Europe being too terribly far away, I thought I’d give it a shot for Pete’s 25th birthday extravaganza!


Arriving way ahead of schedule, we enjoyed a tasting and cheese plate under the art of their Yellow Rose wine.
While the wine wasn’t completely mindblowing, it was pleasant and drinkable (seriously a win for a wine from the South).  We were intrigued but had no idea what was coming! Continue reading

{July 4th Weekend}

Holy smokes!  Where has July gone?  Is August seriously in 2 days?
time flies when you’re an adult…and having fun.

Before July escapes me, Fourth of July must be addressed.
It was a classic July 4th weekend: freedom, fireworks, food, and family.
And a fabtastic day trip.

Peter, my sister and I hit to road to my in-law’s house down south.
The evening was spent at Peter’s uncle and aunt’s house, lounging in the pool, eating amazing Peruvian-inspired grilled goodness, watching fireworks from the backyard, capturing does run daintily across the golf course greens, and outdoor laughs.

The next day had tons in store, so we went home in enough time to sleep and then all pile into the Suburban.

The excursion landed us first in {Luckenbach, TX}…

IMG_1110[1]     IMG_1111[1]
Made famous by Willie Nelson’s song, this plot of land housed a few buildings, BBQ and cherry limeades, cold beer, live music, tons of Harleys, picnic tables, and a man riding a longhorn on a saddle.  It was small-town Texas charm through and through. Continue reading

Anniversary Trip: {Arkansas – The Finale}

Part III Recap: Day of relaxation begins with delicious breakfast and a walk through pretty gardens.  Things may be looking up!

*Sigh of relief*

“This day isn’t starting off too bad at all,” you think to yourself.
You and Pete are now driving towards {Quapaw Bathhouse} for some steaming and bathing.


Your trip starts off with a 20-minute sit in a natural steam cave.  Water comes into this natural cave at 147 degrees.  They have to cover the spring with glass to lower the temperature in the cave.  It’s pretty legit and you would recommend it to friends.
Next you go and sit in the thermal baths.  It’s like a community hot tub with varying temperatures.  It feels rather cold and unfulfilling after the peppermint-scented steam.

You and Pete decide to bounce early and go find some ice cream before your massage and facials.
Pete insists the ice cream is up the street to the left, you insist it’s down to the right.  Neither of you win and neither of you get ice cream.  Fail. Continue reading

Anniversary Trip: {Arkansas – Part III}

Part II Recap: Went to McClard’s, no cash, Pete stands in drive thru ATM, Too Close Cameraguy, and a lady of the night (or late afternoon) on our drive home…

You make it through the rest of the day killing time watching TV in our room.  You’re not feeling brave enough to venture back into Hot Springs for the rest of day.  Sad, but true.
“Just make it tomorrow.  Saturday…your day of relaxation,” you think to yourself.  And off to bed you go.

IMG_1087IMG_1086Your day of relaxation starts off with a bang!  A beautiful porch with fresh flowers and two rounds of breakfast.  Between the strawberry waffles, yogurt parfaits, pumpkin bread, quiche, and a hunky husband who pours your coffee, you almost forget that there’s a busy street right down the hill.  You keep munching on your delicious breakfast hoping to drown out the semitrucks whizzing past.

Now it’s off to {Garvan Gardens}! Continue reading

Anniversary Trip: {Arkansas – Part II}

Part I Recap: Walk in 100 degree heat to distillery, drive to Hot Springs (it ain’t so hot), love B&B, and running out to grab lunch…


When you get here there’s one tiny parking spot in front of the dilapidated building.  One booth is available by the front door and your 60-something waitress wearing blue eyeshadow with her fire-red hair comes to take your order.  This happens just as you read the sign on the wall that says CASH ONLY.

Your sweet husband (it’s a theme) asks where the nearest ATM is.  “Half mile down dat way,” she says.  And off he goes.  On foot. Continue reading