{Urban Acres: Community Day}

We’ve professed our love for {Urban Acres} time & time again.
Because we still love them!

And a couple weeks ago they gave us even more reasons to keep our professions loud and clear!

I’m talking petting zoo, yoga in the park, local farmers and free oak tress.
Doesn’t get much better than that.

We enjoyed some {Oak Cliff} coffee on the patio with my sister and bestie.  (See more photos from the event {here}). Continue reading

Date Day: {Coffee House Cafe, Dallas World Aquarium & Taco Ocho}

Aren’t 3-day weekends just the best?
They make me feel like I can actually relax and just enough the day rather than trying to cram in all the chores and errands to make the week less hectic.

Memorial Day came in just the nick of time – the weekends have seemed endlessly packed and time to explore and eat and do the things we love has been lacking.  So, we committed Saturday of this long weekend to fun – fun in new brunch locales, with sea creatures and topping it off with some delicious tacos!


{Coffee House Cafe} was a life changer.  Why it’s only 10 minutes from our house and why we hadn’t been there in the two years of living in it’s proximity?  I’ll never forgive myself.


The Signature House Latte was a perfect start to a feast filled with rancheros and benedicts.


Our stuffed bellies made the drive to the {Dallas World Aquarium} late in the morning to avoid the crowds and strollers that were inevitably going to take over the place by noon. Continue reading

{Camping: Lake Ray Roberts, TX}


After 12 years in Texas, Pete and I conquered some good ‘ole, down-home, {Texas State Park} camping, y’all!

Here are the Bybel’s Top 5 Texas State Park Camping Tips

1.) Bring a hammock
2.) Read your reservation
(You might book a “walk-in” site.  You might also pack 4 trips worth of stuff and a husband with terribly hurt back and the site might be 1/2 mile away…one way.)
3.) Put your tent in the trees, not by the lake.
(Unless you like 25 mph winds from 12:00am-6:00pm)
4.) Back your {Lodge}.  Make frittata in the morning.
5.) Enjoy the sunsets…in your hammock


Happy camping, friends!