{2014: A Year in Review}

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Another year gone.  ho.ly.smokes.
It’s honestly a little overwhelming to reflect on the last year – all the changes that have taken place and how quickly it’s all gone by.  It hasn’t been the best year, it hasn’t been an easy year and there’s been times when it downright hasn’t been fun.  I’m looking forward to 2015 and all ways it might be different from this year.And maybe it won’t be different.  Maybe it’ll be harder or worse or more stressful.  It’s the reality of the world in which we live.  But I am thankful to be able to rest in knowing that the world is not as it should be and that He knows it and loves me and the world through it.  I’m thankful for all the sweet blessing He provides me in the midst of hurt and pain and being overwhelmed and opening up closets I didn’t want to look into anymore.  I am thankful for His provision of a sweet man who makes me laugh my face off, holds me and challenges me when I am sad, uncomfortable, anxious or defeated.  I am thankful for 2014 and I am thankful to see it move on and I am thankful for fresh starts and another day ahead of me.  I am thankful that He is teaching my heart to be thankful, to trust and to rely on Him.

In 2014 we:

– made {art} with our own hands
– did some {calligraphy}
– had {Chuy’s} opened 5 minutes from our then home…and we proceeded to eat there at least 2x/week   #noshame
– started {hot yoga-ing}
– made {Lakewood Brewery} our second home for a phase
– had a horrendous dinner at one of {Dallas’ favorite restaurants}
– toured {some local coffee shops & Texas Famous BBQ}
– watched awesome {documentaries} (as per usual)
– {camped} in Texas for the first time
– yeehawed at the {Ft. Worth Stockyards}
– had a great visit from Pete’s {parents}
– found our {new favorite breakfast} locale
– saw our favorite {bands} and a friends’ band
– got trees at {Community Day}
– ate {popsicles} with friends
– began hosting wine nights
– visited the family in {Washington}
– had my parents moved back to TEXAS!
– had another {semi-disastrous} anniversary trip…we’re 2/2 on those
– started the {hardest & best} thing I’ve ever done and God is good
– shared about the Good News in {Ethiopia}
– started being {subscribers} on the {reg}
– {took pictures} with a dear friend and memorialized our first home
– got SUPER into essential oils
– decided {crafting} wasn’t much for me
– my little sister got her Aggie ring!
– bought our first {HOME!} and subsequently began our million honey-do/DIY/home improvement projects
– we both had some job changes
– celebrated birthdays #25 & #26
– won a Halloween costume contest
– saw my first Texas beach during Christmas

Peace out, 2014!

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