{Stitch Fix #3}

More clothes in the mail!  Ah-booyah!

You may remember my prior Fixes from {September} and {August} and you may recall how awesome the service is – but if case you forgot here’s the 5-second rundown:

Style Profile > Personal Stylist > Arrives on Doorstep > Keep What You Want/Send Back What You Don’t

It was time for my bi-monthly {Fix} and I asked this time for some pieces that would work for fall since it arrived on schedule this year in Texas!  I (as per usual) lost all patience and jumped online when I received the “Your Fix is Shipped!” e-mail and looked up everything early.  I was intrigued because a few items had little to no photos so I felt like I was getting awesome/unique pieces from this {Fix}!

Tart – Eldina Colorblocked Sweater


I was pumped about this sweater!  It was warm, SO SO SO soft and easily adaptable for work or fun.  It would have been an absolute keep except for the $128 price tag (which seemed to be a trend this time ’round).

Look by M – Posey Houndstooth Fringe Detail Knit Infinity Scarf


I’ll be honest, when I saw the word “houndstooth” I was pretty positive I was going straight into the Send Back pile.  I haven’t ever been particularly fond of the pattern, but when I pulled the scarf out of the box I couldn’t resist the super fun colors.  It wasn’t like any other scarf I own, so it quickly made it’s way into my closet.

Mavi – Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jean


HECK FREAKING YES!  I absolutely adore a good pair of jeans and these were absolutely to die for.  The dark wash, light/stretchy fabric and soft/flexible feel with the fun cuffed bottoms made them a huge KEEP on all fronts.  The only issue was again a hefty price tag – but when you love something you know you’ll wear often, it’s totally worth it.

Mystree – Valina Open Cargo Jacket

IMG_2708 IMG_2705

Unless I was planning on starting a grunge band, there was no reason to keep this jacket.  While cute in the photos online, when I got it out of the box the material felt cheap, thin and the buttons on the verge of being ripped off the coat.  Not to mention that the buttons sewn onto the fabric left weird markings in the jacket that I couldn’t figure out how to make look remotely cute.  The homeless look just wasn’t doing it for me in any form or fashion – bye, Felicia.

LA MADE – Blithe 3/4 Sleeve Elastic Waist Keyhole Back Dress

This dress was so bad I didn’t even want a picture in it.  The material was not my fave, the dress WAY too big and another $100+ price tag (what’s the deal, Stitch Fix?!).  Having received two dresses oversized now, I’ve gone and updated my Style Profile so hopefully that won’t be an issue moving forward.

So, all in all I kept the scarf and the jeans both of which I’ve worn obsessively.  For my next {Fix} I’ve asked them to focus on clothes for work, and I’m excited to see what they come up with!

Happy {Stitch Fixing}, friends!


1.) Create a personal Style Profile.  I’m talking preferred style trends, measurements, ability to comment on what you like to keep covered up (broad, man shoulders for me!) and even copy the link to your personal Pinterest style board.  You can even leave comments about what type of items you’d like to see in your Fix.
2.) Schedule your first Fix.  There is a $20 styling fee for a stylist to review your Profile and pick you clothes, jewelry and accessories!  You can also arrange fixes to be shipped automatically or schedule them as you feel.
3.) Wait (im)patiently!
4.) That sucker arrives on your doorstep.  Yes, your doorstep.  No malls, no crowds, no children popping out of clothing racks at the department store while their mother isn’t paying any attention.  #winning
5.) Try ‘em on!  Pick what you like, send back what you don’t in a pre-paid envelope.  The $20 fee will apply to your purchases (but will be lost if you don’t buy anything).  You even get 25% off if you purchase all 5 items!

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