Throwback Thursday: {2nd Anniversary Trip}

There is seriously a curse on our anniversary.
Our honeymoon forever set the bar too high and after last year’s hillbilly hoe-down (no seriously, there was actually a {prostitute} involved) we thought we’d “play it safe” and have a nice little staycation in Dallas.

And God laughed and laughed and laughed at poor Devin Bybel and her need to control and plan everything to a “t.”

Let’s begin.

It all started with a Groupon.  The ever schwanky and raved about {Adolphus Hotel} which is described with words such as “grandeur,” “luxury,” “elegance,” and “4-Diamond” was offering us regular folk an opportunity to stay in their lovely establishment at just a fraction of the cost!  Oh, how many nights I laid awake counting my lucky stars.  A night at The Adolphus…how magical!

And that’s pretty much where that party ended.


We arrived and valeted our car (for the low low rate of $35/night – kill me now) and let the bellman know that we had dinner reservations and would need the car later this evening.  “Just come down 5 minutes before you need to leave,” the Bellman said.  So many lies.

A 4-Diamond welcome never occurred as the front desk agent never even bothered to ask how we were or what we were doing staying at their “elegant” palace.  But she did use her finger to point to the escalator that would take us to the elevator.  Thanks, lady.


Arriving in our room we got ready for our dinner and being the control-freak I am, we arrived TEN whole minutes early down at the valet.  And we watched the clock tick-tick-tick.  5 minutes…10 minutes…15 minutes…lots of valets running around but no Bybel car in sight.  Twenty minutes passes and now we’re calling the restaurant to tell them we’ll be late for our reservation.  Perfectly pissed = Devin.


The car finally arrives and we cruise over the restaurant only to be told there will now be a 10-15 minute wait for our table.  PERFECT – this night is going SPLENDID.  I can’t think of a more brilliant way to spend my anniversary.  I think, “Thank God we’re getting massages in the morning.” Our table finally comes available, we casually mention to the hostess and waitress it’s our anniversary, foolishly thinking that {Houston’s} might acknowledge a customer’s special event.  And we drink our wine and eat our steak and tap our fingers and get our bill.  No simple dessert with a candle, no free glass of wine…nothing, nada, zip.  Apparently Pete and I are the only ones in Dallas that care we made through two years of marriage.  That’s like 10x longer than Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries!  It’s fine, Houston’s.  Didn’t mean to inconvenience you with our celebration.  
Believe me, won’t happen again.


Okay, so the next morning, we wake up with backaches and that terrible sleep hangover you get when you don’t sleep in your own bed.  But it’s was all okay because on the docket was an 80-minute couple’s massage.  Booyah!


First, though, we need to go enjoy a subpar breakfast at the hotel’s {Bistro}!  Nothing quite screams “romance” like a $5 mocha made with Hersey’s chocolate syrup.  Lucky us!

Having learned our lesson from the night before, we pack our bags and decide to arrive at the valet 20 minutes prior to our departure time.  And clock ticked again.  15 minutes…20 minutes…30 minutes.  Call to the spa goes out.  Oh?  There’s nothing you can do because you have an appointment right after us?  We may just have to sacrifice part of our 80-minute time slot?  **insert lots of swears in the hotel lobby**  Sanctification is a process, people.

We arrived at {Spa Habitat} with 1 minute to spare (having previously been told to arrive 20-minutes early).  There’s paperwork to fill out, tears to choke back, tea to drink, relaxing (HA!) to do.  It’s another 20 minutes before the massage even starts and the stress knots in my shoulders from the entire weekend make the time more painful than relaxing.  And at the end of our now 60-minute massage we got to pay the 80-minute bill.  Freakin’ brilliant.

And that, my friends, was the conclusion of our Second Anniversary trip.  Praying that third time is really the charm.
Please…please let it be a charm.

Here’s to year #3, friends.

P.S. – Pete called The Adolphus the following week and we received a reimbursement for both our breakfast and valet.
P.S.S. – Don’t “staycation” when you have nothing to escape (AKA – kids).  Save yourself the money and bad night’s sleep.


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  2. yeah, we’re not big on the whole staycation business… I’d rather sleep in my own bed with my pups at this stage in life… or be on a beach drinking rum punch… no dallas hotels for me. Here’s hoping anniversary #3 is better.


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