{Stitch Fix #2}


The mailman was good to me this week – Beth Moore study, essential oils and my second {Stitch Fix}.
And if that wasn’t enough, Aggie football is happening tonight!  Gig’em!  WHOOP!  AHHHHHHH!  I digress.


You may remember that my {first Fix} wasn’t much of a winner.  Due partially to my own doing, I decided to correct my mistakes and was MUCH happier with the results this time around.  I heavily emphasized that my Pinterest board should actually be viewed and gave some specific direction on items I wanted (crossbody bag and dress).

DISCLAIMER: Please kindly ignore the hair/make-up situation in these photos.  Don’t hate.

Market and Spruce – Spencer Striped Jersey Dress


MEH.  This dress just wasn’t doing it for me in any form or fashion.  I hated the colors and the cut was just weird (does the waist seem low to anyone else?)  I do have to give props to my stylist for providing my request of a dress that could be worn in and out work.  At the end of the day this guy was Sent Back.

Skies are Blue – Shoshanna Graphic Print Tie-Neck Top


Okay…in LOVE.  This top is so comfy, so soft and SO cute!  The pattern even carries onto the back of the shirt.  This was a winner through and through.  Kept!

Pixley – Indianan Floral Print Mixed Material Tee

1-Stitch Fix #21

I felt just “okay” and a little frumptastic about this one.  It was cute and all but for a $50ish shirt is just wasn’t good enough to spend the money on, so it was Sent Back.

Emperia – Kacie Half Flap Crossbody Bag


Stylist completely delivered on this bag!  It is the most precious bag with gold accents and tassels.  My fave is that it zips at the flap so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out.  Kept, kept, kept and already being heavily used!

Papermoon – Haiden Ombre Mixed Print Maxi Skirt


So conflicted!  I loved the way it looked online and even in this photo, but the skirt was made of out a weird material that felt like a swimsuit.  Ultimately the hubs was not a fan and so it was (hesitantly) Sent Back.

All in all, it was a much better fix and I am THRILLED with my keepers!  I’ve gone ahead and set up automatic fixes for every-other-month and so I’m pumped to see what I get in October.

If you’re interested in signing up you can use my referral {link} and I’ll get a $25 credit when you order your first Fix.  Good news?  You can share your link and get credit too after you order your first Fix!

Happy styling, friends!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with {Stitch Fix} here’s my 5-step rundown of the service:

1.) Create a personal Style Profile.  I’m talking preferred style trends, measurements, ability to comment on what you like to keep covered up (broad, man shoulders for me!) and even copy the link to your personal Pinterest style board.  You can even leave comments about what type of items you’d like to see in your Fix.
2.) Schedule your first Fix.  There is a $20 styling fee for a stylist to review your Profile and pick you clothes, jewelry and accessories!  You can also arrange fixes to be shipped automatically or schedule them as you feel.
3.) Wait (im)patiently!
4.) That sucker arrives on your doorstep.  Yes, your doorstep.  No malls, no crowds, no children popping out of clothing racks at the department store while their mother isn’t paying any attention.  #winning
5.) Try ‘em on!  Pick what you like, send back what you don’t in a pre-paid envelope.  The $20 fee will apply to your purchases (but will be lost if you don’t buy anything).  You even get 25% off if you purchase all 5 items!

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