{Club W}


If you haven’t picked up on it already, we kinda like wine.
And apparently I’ve been getting into shipped subscriptions?  I dunno – they’re convenient and easy!  Don’t judge me.
So when I read about {Club W} and the fact that they deliver wine to your DOORSTEP it was an obvious “duh!” moment.

The run down is this – you buy a minimum of 3 bottles every 1 month for only $13 per bottle.  Then they ship them to your place.  boom.
How do they know what to send you, you ask?  Well, you fill a short Palette Profile (with simple, non-wine term questions) and then indicate what you’d like your white/red breakdown to be every month (we do 2 red/1 white in our house).


And just when you thought it couldn’t get better – you find out that they support sustainable, boutique wineries all over the world.
Our first shipment had a Cali Cab, French Carignane and Spanish Arien.
Heck, they even include cards with the wine profiles and recipes to pair them with.

So if you decide it’s time to ditch the Two Buck Chuck (which you absolutely should…no excuses) you can click on this {link} and get a bottle free in your first shipment!

A toast to Thursday, friends!

PS – Be on the lookout for my second {Stitch Fix} review this weekend!

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