{DIY Tufted Headboard}

DIY – AKA: 100 Hours of Hating My Life; Reasons I Don’t Craft and This Was Supposed to be Fun…But Now I Want to Punch You

It’s SO anti-blog of me admitting that I hate crafting/DIYing.  Every two years I’m like, “Oh, maybe I’ll give this a go again,” and thirty minutes into it I’m poking my eyes out with the zig zag scissors.

I guess my  insane two year cycle caught up with me again.


Thoughts in my head at the time: “Oh, this is so cute!  I’ll never be able to find that color in the stores.  We’ve been in DESPERATE need of a headboard, this’ll be the way cheaper option.”

Joke’s on you, Dev.

This was the {tutorial} we followed and hopefully our mistakes will save you a world of hurt if you fall into the trap of perfectly posed photos put together by craft goddesses.

 Step 1: Buy Supplies & Prep


Do all the math.  Remember if you’re doing a bed smaller or larger than a queen, the hole situation changes.  In our world, third time was the charm and I inhaled a lot of chalk dust.

This would also be a good time to start thinking about buttons, but we’ll save that for later.

Step 2: Attach Foam & Cut Holes


Make sure you pick up the 3″ and not the 4″ foam at Joann’s.  Thank you kind counter lady for extending us a lot of grace when you had already cut through it with that weird saw thing.

Step 3: Lay Batting and Fabric Over Foam


Note to self – if the fabric is too thick making buttons will be a COMPLETE nightmare.

Step 4: Make Buttons

Six different styles of buttons, 4 helpers, hammers, one billion smashed buttons, blistered hands and hours upon hours later the buttons were made.  CHOOSE FABRIC WISELY.

Step 5: Place Buttons


This might be when you realize your buttons are 10x larger than you originally intended and need 1/3 of what you made.  Your husband’s blistered hands may want to wring your neck.
Then your awesome, talented mom will use the biggest needle ever created to pull the buttons through the headboard.

Step 6: Take Deep Breathes

Step 7: Thread Buttons


 Approximately 25% of the buttons will break as soon as the are pulled tight…because the fabric is still too thick.

Step 8: Secure Buttons


The thread won’t be tight enough and your husband and dad will have to re-staple a bagillion buttons.
You might swear – grace abounds.

Step 9: Realizing the Tufts Aren’t that Great so You Revert to Emotional Eating

Don’t even try to fight it.  Hand me the Phish Food.



After endless grueling, torturous, hellish hours…you will staple the fabric to the sides.  And this will be the easiest part of the project.  You inadvertently saved the best for the last.  Praise the good Lord.

Then you’ll hang it on the wall one week before your 2-year anniversary photos and you’ll be SO glad you did.  Because it looks pretty dang sweet.

View More: http://cottonwoodroadphotography.pass.us/devinandpeter

Photo credit: {Cottonwood Road Photography}

Happy (not) DIYing, friends!

PS – This thing was just as expensive as buying one.


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