{On the Docket: July 2014}

It’s the always dreaded Texas summer.
Heat, swampy air and endless electricity bills.  My fave.

And even though the heat could make a girl crazy, we try to keep in cool over here in the Bybel house.  Finding indoor or evening events are key.  Here’s what we’ll be up to…we welcome you to join!  (Or at least read up on it here after).

 Anniversary Staycation at the {Adolphus}

{Taste of Dallas

We’ll be enjoying the Friday Date Night ticket on July 11th from 6:30-9:30pm.

Anniversary Photos

A lifestyle shoot with my amazingly talented friend Hannah from {Cottonwood Road Photography}!

Wine Night: BBQ & Zinfandel

Oh, you noticed I haven’t blogged about Wine Nights yet?  Well…it’s coming.  And they are magical.



Pete and I will be in Ethiopia for 10 days sharing the {Good News} and we couldn’t be more excited!

Stitch Fix

I’m scheduled to get my very first {Stitch Fix} at the end of the month!  I’m pumped…you know why?  Because I’d rather be comfy than cute any day of the week and I’m always in need of fashion help.  So for $20 a personal stylist picks me out clothes, ships 5 items to my house and I have 3 days to decide to buy or send back in a pre-paid envelope.  Done and done.
If you decide to order a Fix click {here} and I’ll get $25 towards my purchases…and then you can share your link for the same deal!

Happy independence month, friends!

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