{Double Date: Greenville Ave.}

New York/New Jersey, Dallas, Seattle, Dallas, Boston, Dallas.
Annnnnd done.
It’s been 3 weeks of marathon travel.  Some for fun, some for work – regardless Pete and I have been missing our home and our friends, so it seemed only fitting to get out of house on Friday and let someone else pay for our A/C for the night.

We met up with our friends Angela & Bryan to enjoy some time exploring the ever-growing Lower Greenville to enjoy some grub and drinks.


{HG Supply Co.} provided real (and delicious) food with a beet-infused tequila cocktail.  Oh, and there was a “sunset toast” for the whole restaurant at 6:30pm.  Don’t miss it…it was awesome.


{Steel City Pops} was filled with dripping popsicles, sticky fingers and laughs.  Afterwards we attempted to discover what the {Truck Yard} fuss was about but even at 7:15pm on a Friday is was packed to the brim and there were no chairs in sight.
Given that I don’t do standing in the Texas-summer heat, so we opted for {The Bottle Shop} instead.  Cool, empty and an endless selection – right up my alley.


The night ended with one of my most favorite things: a good bottle of wine.  The {Times Ten Cellars} environment made me feel like I wasn’t in Dallas for the evening.  And that is always a win in my book.

Happy double date nights, friends!

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