Date Day: {Coffee House Cafe, Dallas World Aquarium & Taco Ocho}

Aren’t 3-day weekends just the best?
They make me feel like I can actually relax and just enough the day rather than trying to cram in all the chores and errands to make the week less hectic.

Memorial Day came in just the nick of time – the weekends have seemed endlessly packed and time to explore and eat and do the things we love has been lacking.  So, we committed Saturday of this long weekend to fun – fun in new brunch locales, with sea creatures and topping it off with some delicious tacos!


{Coffee House Cafe} was a life changer.  Why it’s only 10 minutes from our house and why we hadn’t been there in the two years of living in it’s proximity?  I’ll never forgive myself.


The Signature House Latte was a perfect start to a feast filled with rancheros and benedicts.


Our stuffed bellies made the drive to the {Dallas World Aquarium} late in the morning to avoid the crowds and strollers that were inevitably going to take over the place by noon.


We hiked through the rain forest.


Slowed down with a sloth.


Play hide-and-seek with a crocodile.


Had a staring contest with ginormous catfish.


Got jelly with our little friends.


Oh, and met Hedwig.

And don’t forget the penguins, jaguar, otter feeding, manatees, flamingos, monkeys galore and a show complete with loinclothes, drums and conch shell calls that made the animals go nuts.
It was a great, and just as we suspected, the place was filling up right about noon as we were walking out of the building.

The day was only made better by our {favorite Mexican food} in Richardson with good friends and a new babe.
We are blessed and grateful.

Don’t stop exploring your city, friends!

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