{Lakewood Brewery}

The sultry magic of {Lakewood’s} “Temptress” first touched my lips at our afternoon excursion to {Chefs for Farmers}.
After visiting the beer maker’s tent filled with cool-bearded men and fantastic beers we knew that visiting the brewery was on our 2014 “must-dos” in Dallas.

We arrived 15 minutes before the “tour” began at the Garland-based brewery to a line out the door.  After a short wait, ID check and $10 admission fee we were allowed entrance into their official tasting room.  Although it radiates a “you should drink beer here” vibe it’s small and there’s no time to mingle and enjoy the aesthetics in the cramped space.  We followed the line out into their warehouse where there’s a total of 2 picnic tables, a girl playing guitar and about every other beer drinker in Dallas.

We were lucky enough to find some pallets outside the warehouse to sit on while we enjoyed our first of three beers throughout the afternoon.  I tried the legendary “Goatman” first and was glad I did since they ran out before we got in line for our second!  Luckily they offer their 4 year-round beers throughout the day with limited offerings of some specialty selections.

IMG_1766[1]After getting our first beer and relaxing outside in the sunshine for awhile, we looked inside the warehouse to see the entire facility insanely packed.  We learned quickly that for our remaining tastes it was best to fill our glasses and just get back in line with our tasting tokens and enjoy the beer standing.

IMG_1769[1]Our friends who arrived after the opening didn’t have enough time to get their last sample regardless of the numerous smaller tap lines that had sporadically popped up in carts and out of walls in the warehouse throughout the afternoon so we enjoyed some {Spin Sushi} from the truck parked just outside the back of the warehouse!


All in all it was a great day and one that I’ve participated in more than once to try to highly anticipated  Raspberry Bourbon Barrel Temptress available around Valentine’s Day.

Make sure to mark your calendars for a sunny Saturday afternoon at Lakewood Brewery (assuming it’s ever warm or sunny in Dallas again).  Don’t forget your lawn chairs (if you’re into that sitting business), show up on time and come hungry for the supply of food trucks and stands within the brewery!

Schol, friends!

PS – Check out my bestie’s article about Lakewood Brewery on BubbleLife’s {website}!

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