{Sunstone Yoga}

I tried yoga for the first time my last year in college.  Thinking it’d be kind of fun but a bit gimmicky, I was amazed at how renewed and refreshed I would feel after class each week and swore to myself that I would try to make it a habit once I charged out into the “real” world.

Insert marriage, student loan debt, work travel and million other hurdles later…I finally have a yoga membership!  Wahoo!
I joined {Sunstone Yoga} just down the street from our house and have been completely thrilled with the weekly practice.
Want to know why?  Check out my top 10 fave things about Sunstone!

Top 10 Things to Know & Love about Sunstone!

1.) 12 locations around the metroplex (and 1 in Austin)!
2.) Signature membership = bring a guest free every time and access to any location.
3.) Karma points means you can work down the price of your membership.
4.) You can freeze your account for a fraction of the monthly fee (great for those insane months where you know you’ll have zero time)
5.) Fantastic teachers and staff!  They are ultra encouraging and all the teachers memorize your name for class.
6.) Did I mention it’s hot yoga?
7.) They also have a killer hot Pilates class.
8.) Towels, mats and blocks are provided.
9.) Public recognition as you hit practice milestones.
10.) It’s a REALLY good workout.  I’m talking enough sweat to last a lifetime and sore muscles for days.

Namaste, friends!

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