Orlando Vacation: {Day 4 – Hollywood Studios}

By day four of a non-stop, on your feet, crowd crazy vacation all I wanted to do is stop and sit.
I could have gotten on the plane first thing in the morning but the overly priced Disney tickets had already been bought and couldn’t go to waste.  Lucky for us Hollywood Studios was the perfect recipe for the leaden leg and end of vacation blues.

I knew there were only about 3-4 rides worth taking the time for this park, so I had sneakily planned this park for the last day of our trip for the following reasons:
1.) There’s less to do and we had a plane that was taking off in the late afternoon
2.) Tons of shows to sit at
3.) Smaller park = less walking
4.) It’s just not as magical as the other parks.  There, I said it.  Not as magical and no shame about it.

IMG_1862We arrived at the park just after opening to horrendously long lines to get into the park.  I was shocked by the groups of high schoolers and large families infiltrating the park just two days before Thanksgiving but apparently it’s a thing.

We had been told to get a Fast Path to Toy Story Mania! but by the time we made it to the ride Fast Passes were going for 9:00pm that night.  I’ll be honest, by this point I was kind of at a loss of what to do.  Nothing was sticking out to us as a “must do” and we had several hours to kill.  So we wandered around until we found the shortest line and wiggled our way onto The Great Movie Ride.  It was about as lame and gimmicky as you can possibly imagine and not worth more than a 5-minute wait (unless you’re looking for a ride where you can sit for 10 minutes).


Leaving completely underwhelmed I suggested we just walk around and step into any line that looked like slightly interesting.


The streets are filled with old movie set props and backdrops (like Lombard St. above) and it made for an interesting stroll through the park.  My lack of care surrounding how we spent the day brought us through Walt Disney museums, The Muppets 3D show (which is so awesome and epic), Star Wars Tour (super cool ride) and a Pirates of the Caribbean interactive show (epicly lame – keep awalkin’!).

It wasn’t until I had a flash back from my high school trip that I was inspired to much of anything but wander around eating churros.  The tours!  How could I have forgotten?  Special effects and car shows – all the things a typical guy and a girl who just wants to sit down could want!


The Studio Backlot Tour was just what the leg doctor ordered!  A water/fire/explosion show led right into a tam ride filled with windowed buildings providing a peek into Disney costume and set design, a Micky water tower, Herbie the Lovebug and a grand finale!


Yes, literally a tank of fire and a huge wall of water rushing towards me.
It all ended with a round of applause for Disney magic, enough time to get another churro and a short walk to Lights, Motors, Action!


The next 45 minutes had cars fly out of the top of tractor-trailers, high speed chases and little-boy freak outs when Lightning McQueen made an appearance.

As the motors died down and the show ended I could hear the screams of individuals plummeting to their untimely deaths from the Tower of Terror.  Not one to sign up willingly for anything that involves a free-fall, I told Pete we could make the walk and see how I was feeling once we made it to the other side of the park.  I was almost there when I had convinced myself I would get in line.  Yet when I was standing in front of that death machine of doom I just couldn’t do it.  So brave Pete conquered the creepy Twilight Zone all on his lonesome…I ate an ice cream bar that was shaped like Mickey.  Pretty sure it was better than the ride.


And thus ended #bybelsdodisney 2013.  It was magical, it was epic and it was a blast!

Maybe next time we’re here it’ll be with little Peters and little Devins.  But until then, I will bask in the glory of the strollerless, napless and tantrumless glory of an adult trip to Disney World.

You should see for yourself, friends!

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