Orlando Vacation: {Day 3 – Epcot}


It had set in but regardless of heavy eyes and leaden legs we were at Epcot before the gates opened standing it throngs of sleepy kids and cranky parents.  We were there when the grand announcement was made and confetti bombs went off exactly at 8:00am for one reason only – Soarin’.

I had stood in line for 2 hours for Soarin’ before.  While it’s an awesome ride, I’d be a sucker if I fell for that mess again.  It was #1 on the list of things to do that day and I had every intention of marking it off before 8:10am.

We sprinted past the GGB (Giant Golf Ball [not the official name]) and made it straight into the front row for the first round of Soarin’ spectators that day.  Victory is mine!  And as we walked off the ride we heard a passerby remark that they were already out of Fast Passes for the entire day.  VICTORY IS MINE AGAIN!
IMG_1825We spent the morning touring the sites and marveling at the fancy fountains.
Road the crazy claustrophobia-inducing space ride (no, thank you)!
IMG_1827I would highly recommend taking the “Easy” route if you’re the least bit motion-sickness prone.  We decided to do the higher level one and then switched lines when I saw the video of the spinning in tight spaces nonsense.

We took a boat tour of Disney’s green houses (nerd alert – but I totally love it)!
IMG_1833And then we wandered back to the front of the park.

IMG_1828As it was my 3rd time at Epcot it seemed necessary to actually go inside the GGB.  The line was ridiculously long, but the ride was super chill and really cool.  I’d take the time to get the Fast Path as I’m running to Soarin’.

After hitting most of the rides and the sodas of the world (yes, it’s real and yes, you should absolutely try them) we met up with my college roommate once again and decided to tackle The World Showcase which is basically the coolest part of Epcot and should never ever be missed.

We started the tour with some specialty tequila and super unique margaritas in Mexico (located inside the Aztec building in the front right of the market area).

We ate subpar park food in China (if you’re going to eat in Epcot, save and go to the higher-end restaurants).

Drank Italian wines in Italy served by an Italian waitress (Epcot hires people from the actual countries to work in the park.  Totally worth taking the time to strike up conversation with them.)

Experienced a colonial choir in ‘Merica!  (If you skip any country, skip this one.  You live here, people.)

And before we parted for the day we had pretzels and beer in Germany, watched a belly dancer in Morocco, ate UH-MAZING pastries in France and saw a cover band in the UK.  Had we had either the energy or ambition to stay another 4 hours, we might have watched Illuminations (totally worth seeing, so plan accordingly if you’re looking at consecutive long days in a row).  Instead we opted for Florida’s rendition of Mexican food near the hotel and an early bedtime.

The Tower of Terror awaited in the morn.

 Adieu, friends!

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