{Paint Nite}

On the list of “100 Things Devin is Not” – artist is about #3.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of being an artist.  But getting the ideas into real life has been a risk not worth taking time-and-time again.

So when we got an awesome {Groupon} from my parents for our first anniversary, I was both totally pumped and secretly dreading my perfectionism rearing its ugly head in my pre-conceived art disaster.
Then I found out it was at a restaurant with margaritas and suddenly Perfectionism was wearing a sombrero and not giving a lick ’bout nothing.

{Paint Nite} was worth the 6-month wait initiated by all-too-busy lives and a hectic travel schedule.
I carefully stalked the Dallas schedule for a convenient location, a good eats and a painting I could take to my desk at work.
And there it was…the birds on a wire in the rain.  The perfect Etsy-esque but desk worthy DIY painting I’d been waiting for.  Woooo!

For all you non-artists out there, let me say this.  It’s easy, it’s fun, there’s drinks/food and only 10-ish% of the attendees will make you feel inferior.
The “WTH?  Do these people come to Paint Nite all the freakin’ time?” thought only crossed my mind a time or two.

And then I stopped being insecure and lame and enjoyed my fun, bird filled date with Peter.
IMG_1700[1]And I put my painting at my desk just like I wanted to.  🙂

Get paint-y, friends!

PS – If you’re interested in attending Paint Nite, use coupon code “AgaveAzul”  to get tickets for only $24.75 each!

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