Throwback Thursday: {My 24th Birthday}

So glad to have escaped year #23 (and successfully done so for the last month).  This is not for the obvious “23’s a weird year” or “ugh, this year was such a drag” kind of reasons.
No, I’m mostly pumped because I’m glad to be an even number again.
Shallow and OCD.  No shame.

Peter planned a wonderful evening filled with all the things I love: food, drinks, music and new adventures.

IMG_1572Yes, I know I already posted this picture.  BUT…we got dressed up and went out somewhere.  This is always double-post worthy.  At this point in the evening I have no clue what’s happening.  Pete has an affinity for surprises that the control-freak in me loathes but knows I’m supposed to appreciate.  But every time he does this, I loathe it a little less.  🙂

We arrived at {Mockingbird Station} for our surprise pre-activity dinner.  I’m a bit confused.  We’ve either seen and skipped over or have already eaten at every place here.  But good ‘ole Mockingbird had one more trick up her sleeve…{The People’s Last Stand} – which happens to be the coolest…the COOLEST bar.  Ever.  So cool.

IMG_1753We sat in here…
IMG_1754…and had beautiful bourbon cocktails that looked like this…
IMG_1756…off a Winter Libations menu like this.
It was amazing.  Seriously.  The drinks were all mind-blowing, the atmosphere relaxing but engaging and the food was specifically designed to pair with the fantastic cocktails.

Having died and gone to heaven only the promise of our newly discovered favorite at the {Granada Theatre} could pull me away.
IMG_1755{Sons of Fathers} did, by no means, disappoint.  They were fun, energizing, glass raising and down-home bluesy.
And even if my hearing been intact at the end of the night, it wouldn’t have made it a more flawless evening.

I’m 24, I picked a winner to marry and we have a new favorite bar.

I toast my bourbon cocktail to you, friends!

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