{2013: A Year in Review}

what. a. year.
Pete and I have been so immensely blessed the last 12 months.  Really, truly, seriously.
We’re pretty pumped about the things to come in 2014 but it seems only mandatory to reflect on the last year.

In 2013 we:
– started out the year debt-free for the first time in our marriage.  Thanks {YNAB}!
– completed our first {Whole 30}
– were treated to the {Chinese Lantern Festival}
– flew 111,000 miles (D)
– stayed 144 nights in a hotel (D)
– discovered {Good Records} and bought some jams
– read When Sinners Say I Do, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The Girl Who Played with Fire, The End of Reason, In the Garden of the Beasts, Life of Pi, It Starts with Food, The Ragamuffin Gospel, Blue Like Jazz and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Unusual Children (D)
– watched approximately 1,239,804,581,324,987 documentaries (we recommend Ingredients and Somm)
– became infatuated with coffee & tea
– hammoked in a Dallas park
– conquered the Old Testament through {Join the Journey}
– tried Kombucha for the first time
– started shopping at farmer’s markets
– bought a juicer and started juicing (sometimes)
– joined a co-op in Dallas: {Urban Acres}
– was a guest speaker for my old sorority (D)
– skied in Washington state ( P )
– took Peter to {Seattle} for the first time
– rode our first ferry together
– drank amazing wine in Pike Place and did an awesome {food tour}
– went antiquing in McKinney
– toured the {Perot Museum}
– played and bought Settlers of Catan
– sucked (mostly Devin) at {disc golf}
– started this blog
– rode a {bus} to San Antonio
– strolled in {Disney World}…twice (more to come!)
– bought our first car
– discovered bottomless breakfast beverages at {Fernando’s}
– played {bingo} in Plano
– watched our little bro get his {Aggie ring}
– had tear-worthy dessert at {Whiskey Cake}
– traveled to Chicago for a techie conference ( P )
– spent a weekend in my work-away-from-home: {Portsmouth}
– walked for hours in beautiful, spring {Woodruff Park}
– ran sound and did bridesmaid-duty for a sweet couples’ wedding
– had a 4-course meal on a {sailboat}
– saw Dave Matthews, Sons of Fathers, Seryn and Shane & Shane with Phil Wickham in concert
– lived with Devin’s little sister for a whole summer.  And it was awesome!
– went to {Austin} for anniversary pics
– got featured on a {blog}
– had a {garage sale} for Hunger Month
– went on an {anniversary trip} for the record books
– heard “Luckenbach, TX” for the first time in {Luckenbach, TX}
– tested our cooking skillz in a {French cooking class}
– drank white IPA at a {restaurant} made of box cars
– met Jon Acuff, Donald Miller, Shane & Shane, Phil Wickham and Tom Petty & The Heartbreaker’s sound guy ( P )
– took a {beer class} or two
– drove from Snohomish, WA to Windsor, CA
– celebrated {60th anniversaries} and drank amazing wines
– flew 1st class as a couple…a treat for Pete!
– played ladder ball on a New Hampshire beach (D)
– cheered at a Rangers game
– repainted and redecorated both bedrooms
– had {BBQ} with friends in South Dallas
– visited {Mockingbird Station} and saw a French film at the {Angelika}
– joined a {wine club}
– witnessed engagements of dear friends
– purchased a {dining room table} to die for
– strolled the {Dallas Flea} with the bestie (D)
– started our first tattoo sleeve ( P )
– had the MOST AMAZING TIME pretending to be {foodies}
– hosted the family to visit and little sister had her first car accident 😦
– hosted our first Thanksgiving for family & first Christmas dinner for Community Group
– celebrated birthdays #25 and #24
– cut down our second {Christmas tree}
– survived Icepocalypse/Icemaggedon 2013
– took a {massage class}
– visited Vitruvian Lights in Addison
– painted our faces off at {Paint Nite}
– had Christmas in Dallas and San Antonio
– got to know Baylor Surgicare very well the week of Christmas
– watched all of of HIMYMHouse of CardsNew Girl, and Political Animals (see a theme here?)
– paid off our first car
– spent a lot of time being extremely grateful for our God, our friends, our family and the multitude of opportunities we had this year.

Happy New Year,
{The Bybels}

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