{Walls Family Farm}

IMG_1645It’s that time of year again!  Can you guess?  Post-Thanksgiving Christmas decorating obviously!  And while most Texans are pulling their trees out of boxes and attics, the Bybels were driving out to {Walls Family Farm} for the second year in a row.  Addicted to the fun and away-from-Dallas vibe of Walls, we were all excited to get back there ASAP!

IMG_1644Peter, my little sister (Erin) and I piled into the truck to take the 1 hour drive out to the farm.
IMG_1647We found the perfect tree after 30 minutes of walking amongst the trees…
IMG_1605…thanked Erin for helping with the search (sisterly love)…
IMG_1646…and took cutting it down very seriously.

When we finally got it home…
IMG_1650…Pete hooked the ornaments…
IMG_1649…and I got ticked trying to hang ornaments of the prickly branches…
IMG_1651…and we hung the stockings.

Oh, and we named him Charles.

yays: DIY Christmas trees, cut your own, Christmas tree smell, reasonably priced, free hot cocoa and cider, family owned/operated, sweet kids that will carry your tree to your car, tractor rides, saws provided and beautiful scenery.
nays: prickly branches, needles on the floor (don’t vacuum them…you’ll regret it), trying to perfectly arrange the tree in the stand.  Nays aside all is worth it for my favorite Christmas-decorating tradition!  🙂

Have fun decorating, friends!

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