{Chefs for Farmers}

IMG_1431[1]{Chefs for Farmers}: a.k.a – The Bybels’ Best Day in Dallas!

There’s so much to say and seems to be so few words.  
But where words fail, math prevails this time around…
local chefs and farmers
+ BYO wine glass + live musicDallas fall amazingness!

IMG_1433[1]We got dolled up in our park chic…
IMG_1623[1]…walked around all googly-eyed looking for a spot for our picnic blanket…
IMG_1432[1]…ate small plates of swordfish with truffle oil…
IMG_1624[1]…and pretty sure we ended up in heaven on earth for a few all too brief hours.

yays: uh.maz.ing food (all prepared by the current or up-and-coming Dallas star chefs), wineries galore, awesome local craft brews, DJ to open the event followed by a fab local band, HUGE representation of nearby farmers/ranchers, cheese cheese cheese, 
a {Laphroaig} tasting complete with a Scottish man in a kilt, a pub story and everyone yelling “CHEERS!”, voting for ones’ favorite food or drink, beautiful scenery at {Lee Park}, reasonably priced tickets and an overall superb time!

nays: parking far away and the cost extra, not enough hours in the day! (next time we’ll be arriving before the event starts) and booths running out of food or drank wahhhhh!!!

If the “yays” weren’t enough, you should end this read by dreaming of the winning Rabbit Enchiladas and getting your tickets for next year.
No excuses, no regrets.

See you next year, friends!

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