Throwback Thursday: {Windsor, CA – Part II}

{Windsor – Part I} was dedicated to our day full of winery tours and wine drinking.  And while I would have been content to spend the rest of my grandparents’ anniversary continuing to do the same, it didn’t seem fair to the rest of the fam.
(Plus…we could only fit 9 bottles in our suitcases.)

Given the fact that we were in California, it seemed only mandatory that we go explore the beautiful landscape.
A long and windy road trip later the whole family arrived at {Port Reyes}.
13-IMG_2053_3572The fog engulfed everything…
14-IMG_2058_3577…hiding the deer…
15-IMG_2067_3586…surrounding the windblown cypress…
16-IMG_2070_3589…covering the branches…
18-IMG_2081_3600…blending into the ocean…
21-IMG_2091_3610…canvassing the growth…
24-IMG_2112_3631…hiding the lighthouse…
26-IMG_2125_3644…framing the rangers’ home…
27-IMG_2127_3646…and leading to paintings of whales.

yays: Beautiful views, short hikes, landscaping to die for.
nays: If you’re road sick-prone take your meds and lighthouse isn’t open every day.  😦

Enjoy the fog, friends.

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