Throwback Thursday: {Windsor, CA – Part I}


In August my grandparents celebrated their 60th anniversary.  Sixty years, y’all.  Intense and impressive.

They have spent the vast majority of their marriage in California so it seemed only fitting to enjoy the family’s company, great food, delicious wine and warm summer breeze in their home state.
And in the great spirit of celebration…we spent a week in northern Wine Country.  Heck. yes!

It seemed only fitting that Pete and I dedicate an entire day to wine.  That we did!

03-IMG_2007_3655The whole family joined us for a historical tour at {Korbel California Champagne}…

06-IMG_2015_3663…followed by the amazing views on the outdoor patio at {Russian Hill Estate}.

08-IMG_2024_3672The extended fam jumped ship while we wandered to {Martinelli} for some buttery Chardonnay…

09-IMG_2033_3681…sprawled in the vineyards…

10-IMG_2036_3684…and had the MOST AMAZING WINE EVER at {Harvest Moon}.

yays: Great tour at Korbel (more about history than champagne), GORGEOUS views and warm breezes at Russian Hill Estate, fantastic tasting room at Martinelli, peppery (yes…black pepper) reds at Harvest moon, gorgeous drives through vineyards, a gagillion wineries within a few miles, tons of boutique wineries, and our first try of late harvest wines.
nays: Only that we didn’t have more days to tour around Windsor.


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