{Arche Winery}

Things you’ll never hear in Texas: “Have you tried this fab Texas wine?”
“Wines ARE bigger in Texas.”
“Europe and Cali wines ain’t got nuthin’ on the Lone Star State!”
“Man, these TX wines really hit the spot.”

Never, ever, ever, never.
Seriously, they’re that bad.  So, when I had a co-worker recommend a {Arche} in North Texas, I thought it had to be a joke.
But with California and Europe being too terribly far away, I thought I’d give it a shot for Pete’s 25th birthday extravaganza!


Arriving way ahead of schedule, we enjoyed a tasting and cheese plate under the art of their Yellow Rose wine.
While the wine wasn’t completely mindblowing, it was pleasant and drinkable (seriously a win for a wine from the South).  We were intrigued but had no idea what was coming!

IMG_1362[1]We got a private tour due to the earlier threat of rain.  The owner showered us with fascinating information for over an hour.  We learned about technology for tracking weather, soil moisture and watering the vines as well as those glittery strings you see in Cali to keep the birds away (apparently they’re a joke).  We were chased by their numerous kittens and met the winemaker…their son.
They happened to be in the middle of wine-making and even let us try the wine before they removed the skins!
It. was. awesome!

yays: Decent wines, plenty of wine club options, monthly events for members with live music, tastings and food, family-owned/operated, beautiful drive to Saint Jo, super knowledgeable tour guide and adorable tasting room!
nays: Love the wines, but nothing has quite compared to California wines yet.

Drink up, friends!


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