{Homemade Minced Garlic}

Elephant garlic is ginormous (thus the name, I suppose).  It’s one of those fun foods we discover through our co-op.  Organic and grown in Texas we were thrilled to find out we’d be getting garlic in our next share.  But that was 2 months ago…

Turns out Pete and I were kind of at a loss of what to do after receiving three of these bad boys.


Garlic lasts forever, yes, but when one clove is the size below you could succeed in keeping a town of vampires at bay and put garlic in every dish for a year.


All were exciting options but not particularly practical.  But this {Google’d} solution happens to keep grocery bills down, garlic out of the trash can and excuses to buy cute jars!


We “minced” the garlic using our handy-dandy food processor.  (Tip: Use the “Pulse” setting, don’t use “On.”)


Put the minced garlic in my cute new mason jar!  (Check out all those delicious garlicky juices on top).


And then filled the empty spaces with olive oil.

yays: Super easy, makes your house smell like garlic and you have minced garlic that should last several months.
nays: I would opt for less “mincing” next time.  It’s easy to over do it, and it seems like parts of the garlic came out more like a paste than “minced.”  (Luckily, it’s still totally usable and has been a delicious addition to our meals!)

Get garlicky, friends!


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