Throwback Thursday: {Seattle}

Pete have one primary theme on our pre-kids bucket list: TRAVEL!

There are so many amazing places in the country and in the world, I just can’t live with myself knowing I haven’t explored as much of it as possible.  I, luckily, had the opportunity to live in the Pacific Northwest for my early childhood.  So, when my parents decided to move back to Seattle the day after my wedding (“leaving and cleaving” in the most literal terms), I knew Pete and I had to get up there ASAP.

Fast forward to February 2013 – It’s freezing, foggy, rainy and freakin’ perfect!  What isn’t there to love about this place?
Amazing food, fantastic wine, good vibes, lovely people, beautiful scenery.  Pinch me now, I must be in heaven!

After Pete and my dad spent an evening skiing while my mom and I enjoyed delicious Thai food, we…
…went to {Pike’s Place} and enjoyed the most stellar food tour with {Savor Seattle}…

…watched fish fly, tasted spices, munched on salmon jerky, and froze our butts off.  Then we…

…visited the infamous gum wall and…

…drove to beautiful {Snoqualmie Falls}…

…and froze our butts off there.

Other yays: winery tour at {Chateau Ste. Michelle}, seeing old elementary school friends, afternoon brews and scotch at {Brouwer’s}, Thai food TO DIE FOR (we tried two different places, both were amazing), ferry rides, mindblowing tea from {MarketSpice}, a food tour host who was seriously channeling some Jack Black, and having a super good visit with family.
nays: seeing no mountains due to clouds and leaving  😦

Can’t wait to get back,


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