Throwback Thursday: {Camelback Inn Resort & Spa}

Fall fill you with dread of the looming winter months?
Not me, but to each their own!

If you are, however, chomping at the bit to get the heck outta dodge snow, then you might want to know about this RAD resort I stayed at in Phoenix.


Caught your attention, didn’t I?


{Marriott} welcomed me with a dream catcher to help me catch my dreams in this…


yays: Spacious rooms, FANTASTIC gym, beautiful pools, great happy hour with fun desert-themed drinks, gorgeous scenery, lovely staff baby quails walking around everywhere (*insert me squealing every morning*) and good eats!
nays: Lizards, lots of families on vacation (AKA – don’t stay here on a work trip, it’s a downer) and expensive!  Make sure to go during off season so it’s the price of a nice hotel instead of a swanky resort.

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