{Stuffed Acorn Squash}


Fall is here.  Officially!
In Texas we’re having a rare late-September chill in the morning.  It’s perfect for hot coffee in the morning and daydreaming about scarves.  I also discovered that if I go outside early (when it’s in the low 60s) and then lock myself in the house the rest of the day, I can trick myself into thinking it’s still chilly outside.  Feel free to try it, and you’re welcome.

You may remember me mentioning our local {co-op} a while back.  Well, with fall upon us, we’ve been inundated with squash and pumpkins!  They look beautiful sitting in the basket on our counter, but they were piling up, so it was time to figure out how to cook my pretty fall decor.

Thank goodness I discovered this fab recipe by {Bella Eats}.


I made a few edits to the recipe to fit what we already had in our kitchen:
1.) I substituted the chicken for some very lean ground beef
2.) Used clarified butter (ghee) instead of regular butter

What ensued was a delicious treat that had the hubs asking how he could make it while I’m away on travel.


yays: Surprisingly sweet, ultra delicious, healthy, literally tastes like fall, the recipe has TONS of filling leftovers (good enough to just heat up and eat itself) and makes your house smell like those expensive Yankee candles but mixed with meat (you’re welcome men).
nays: Tons of veggie/food prep (there’s little I hate more in life than veggie prep), the squash in a pain-in-the-arse to gut (as you can tell by the strings in my pic) and tons of veggie/food prep.

Eat your fall hearts out!

Fun Fact: You can pick up a cheap bag of bulgur at Trader Joe’s.  I had never heard of the stuff, but was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon it on a regular grocery trip.  🙂

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