{Babb Bros. BBQ and Blues}


Texas BBQ on a Sunday afternoon with {friends}?  You had me at BBQ!
Our friend {Preston} had been talking about this place for weeks.  Recommended by a coworker and located just south of downtown Dallas, it seemed to be the perfect locale for some much needed friend-time.

IMG_1296[1]{Babb Bros. BBQ and Blues} oozed with fun but family-friendly vibes.  The walk-up counter had the food displayed in giant pans and dishes that had my mouth watering before I could even pay.  After ordering, we carried our tray piled with meats, sides and cornbread to the drink stations for some classic sweet tea in a red Solo cup.  Food and drink in hand, we sat ourselves at one of the many picnic tables throughout building (had it not been so hot, might have tried the awesome outdoor patio).

The space was calm and quiet even after it filled with the predictable Dallas post-church crowd.  I also spotted one of the Babb brothers talking with customers and picking up trays.

The food was good, and the vibe of the place made up for anything left to be desired!

yays: Creamed Corn and Tobacco Onion Straws (so so so nommy!), family owned/operated, out of the busy city, great seating for large groups, live music!, and enough food on a 2-meat meal to split.
nays: Meat was a bit dry for my liking, sweet tea wasn’t homemade, and that time my husband tried to squeeze BBQ sauce and it was clogged so it exploded all over us.

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