DIY: {Family & Meal Planning Calendars}

Ohhh, {Pinterest}.
I don’t think there’s much else in life that can simultaneously inspire you and make you feel terribly defeated/inadequate and overall hate your life.
So many things to do and try…so very. little. time!

Well, shock of all shocks, sometime between working long days, traveling, a wedding, repainting/decorating both bedrooms, actually getting some QT [quality time] with the hubs, and cooking (all between Friday and Sunday, I might add)…I crafted.
Que the angelic chorus!

The inspiration?
Que the 2nd angelic chorus!

IMG_1292[1]It all started with some inspiration from {this} and {that}…

IMG_1294[1]…and finding some adorable {tape}…

IMG_1293[1]…which now looks like this in the dining room…

IMG_1291[1]…and holds all our family’s adventures.

yays: {cheap supplies} found, one stop shop meals/shopping lists/family calendar, easy to make or re-create!
nays: may want more room in the future to get into the details of the day-to-day.

Take that, Pinterest!

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