{Total Wine: Beer Tasting}

Saturday afternoon, double date, and beer.  {winning!}
Dallas has a limited number of breweries and most of the time they’re only open obscure hours on limited days.  Finding a good beer tasting requires willpower and a non-work traveling schedule.  Yup, not happening.

Not too long ago the sky opened up and sun shined upon D-town with the opening of our first {Total Wine}.
This place is GINORMOUS.  So huge.  Aisles upon aisles upon aisles of unique liquors, craft beers, and boutique wines.
Now you’re talkin’ to me!

Luckily we have sweet friends who enjoy a good brew as much as we do, and it seemed like the perfect recipe for a double date to the “Lagers & Ales: Beyond Pilsners and Pales” {tasting class}!


We enjoyed 2 informative hours and tried a wide variety of {mostly Belgium} beers.
The class equipped us with a cool book to note our thoughts on appearance, smell, and taste.  Heck, they even provided us pizza and snacks!  Was there anything not to like?!

yays: Lots of interesting beer in a themed class, educational, food provided, only $15/person, beautiful tasting room, tons of tasting set up throughout the store for breaks/after class, and aisles you can wander around for hours!
nays: Teacher wasn’t incredibly engaging, a wife that asked a lot of questions and loudly proclaimed “WE’RE SO BUYING THIS” after every tasting, limited store locations, and class lacked a certain level of engagement (but that may have been due to the instructor).

Regardless of the few cons, we plan on going back again soon.  Anyone a {fall beer} fan?

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