{Sur La Table: French Cooking Class}

food food food food food!

I stinkin’ love food!  Thai, chocolate, a good steak, chowder, fried chicken, or a big ‘ole dish of cheese fries.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the Food Network watching, recipe book reading, fancy restaurant eating foodie.  Pete and I like to pretend, but at our core, we’re really just fake foodies who’s taste buds aren’t developed enough to be picky.  But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying cooking at home inspired by various cookbooks, Pinterest treats, or passed down family recipes.

All that to say, sweet Pete got me an awesome anniversary gift…a cooking class! This wasn’t any cooking class, French-inspired recipes involving salmon, pastries, and chocolate tarts.  Watch out, Julia Childs!


The date night started at our local {Sur La Table}.


We wore white aprons…


…made dijon mustard salmon (after the amazing herb pastries)…


…and ended with a chocolate tart.


And had our sweet fellow chefs capture the moment!

We had a fabtastic time.  Really truly awesome.

yays: meeting fellow food lovers, delicious food, awesome cooking tips, BYOW (bring your own wine), store coupons, and seeing tons of cool cooking gadgets in action
nays: their website did NOT state BYOW…so we were left bottleless, guy who asked too many questions to make himself look informed, youngest people by 20 years, pricey, and a tad bit sales-y (they want you to buy stuff at their store, obviously)

Regardless, we’d give it 4 stars and recommend it if you have the cash and opportunity!


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