{Betsy’s Quilt Garden}

I’ve been blessed to grow up in an extremely creative family.  My extended family includes but is not limited to: authors, artists, quilters, photographers, seamstresses, designers, sound/production engineers, and musicians.

My mother is no exception.  Throughout my childhood she created Halloween costumes that out-shined my peers’ polyester alternatives, winter coats that rivaled American Girl dolls, alterations to feed my teenage, clothes obsessed but on-a-budget shopping sprees, a custom made quilt for my freshman-year dorm, and even my wedding dress.

I mean, let’s be honest, not many moms can make the back of a {wedding dress} look that cool (or walk with an umbrella with quite that much sass).

My mother’s newest adventure, however, has plowed the way for {Betsy’s Quilt Garden}.  Named after her childhood nickname (coincidentally when she was first learning to sew), she has posted tons of great quilts, aprons, keychains, fabric, and custom signs.

Talented, talented, talented.  If only I had paid more attention in quilting class.  😉

yays: She’s my mom, she’s super gifted, quilts perfect for baby showers, great gift ideas, and perfect signage for weddings and churches and stuff.

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