{July 4th Weekend}

Holy smokes!  Where has July gone?  Is August seriously in 2 days?
time flies when you’re an adult…and having fun.

Before July escapes me, Fourth of July must be addressed.
It was a classic July 4th weekend: freedom, fireworks, food, and family.
And a fabtastic day trip.

Peter, my sister and I hit to road to my in-law’s house down south.
The evening was spent at Peter’s uncle and aunt’s house, lounging in the pool, eating amazing Peruvian-inspired grilled goodness, watching fireworks from the backyard, capturing does run daintily across the golf course greens, and outdoor laughs.

The next day had tons in store, so we went home in enough time to sleep and then all pile into the Suburban.

The excursion landed us first in {Luckenbach, TX}…

IMG_1110[1]     IMG_1111[1]
Made famous by Willie Nelson’s song, this plot of land housed a few buildings, BBQ and cherry limeades, cold beer, live music, tons of Harleys, picnic tables, and a man riding a longhorn on a saddle.  It was small-town Texas charm through and through.

IMG_1112[1]{William Chris Winery} filled the later part of the afternoon.  Then across the street to {Hye Market} for beer, wine, moonshine, and bison sausage tasting.

IMG_1109[1]Next to {Grape Creek Vineyards} where my in-laws are members.  Wine, cheese, and fresh summer air were consumed by all on the patio.

IMG_1108[1]The next morning before heading back to Dallas, we had breakfast a {Magnolia Pancake Haus}.  (handsome, ain’t he?)

IMG_1106[1]     IMG_1107[1]
And freakin’ delicious food was had with fantastic family.

yays: Fireworks, tastings, BBQ, family, pools, summer, freedom, wine, sunshine, and the most scrumptious breakfast in San Antonio (biscuits and gravy alllllll day)!
nays: Texas wines lack the body and fullness of, let’s say, a Napa wine.  Skip William Chris and go to Grape Creek instead.

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